News Announcement 0930UTC/1030BST, Gordon Bennett Control Centre

The search and rescue operation continues for Gordon Bennett Race pilots Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer-Davis, Team USA2, balloon registration N801NM. The pilots are American citizens. The Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) has this morning confirmed they are continuing the search.

The US Consulate and Military in Italy continues to support the search operation.

Immediate and extended family of both pilots politely request that the press do not make contact with them.

They do, however, appreciate the efforts of all who are raising the profile of the incident which is helping the search to gain momentum.

Both families are most grateful to all who have sent their good wishes and messages of support, and apologise that they will not be able to reply individually.

When information is available it will be posted on the site. The next planned statement will be after 4pm on Friday 1st October.

Don Cameron
Flight Director, 54th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett
Bristol, GB.