Race Officials and Organisation Team

The Organising Committee for the Coupe Aéronautiqie Gordon Bennett 2010 consists of a number of highly-regarded individuals in the world of ballooning and event organisation. The success of any project relies on the people who drive it forward and make it happen. Committee personnel have long standing reputations for success in their own fields, producing the ideal team to implement the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race from Great Britain.

The Flight Operations team for the race also consists of a number of extremely experienced people with vast knowledge of hot-air and gas ballooning; what they don't know isn't worth knowing.

Members of the ground-based teams are listed below. Click on a member's name to open their profile page.

Name Organiser's Roles
Anthony Smith   Event President
Clive Bailey   Director, Airspace and Launchsite Liaison
Don Cameron   Chairman of GB2010, Flight Director
Julian Hensey   Director, Publicity Officer
Phil Dunnington   Assistant Flight Director
Hannah Cameron   Committee, Events Organiser
Hazel Richards   Committee
Jo Slade   Committee, Event Promotion
Peter Mossman   Committee, Treasurer
Piers Glydon   Committee, Webmaster
Robin Batchelor   Committee, Media Liaison
Sam Chapman   Committee
Derry Moore   Jury Member
Jean Claude Weber   Head of the Jury
Kevin Stass   ATC Coordinator
Martin Harris   Meteorological Adviser
Moniek Vande Velde   Jury Member
Sabrina Handl   Logger Operations
Stefan Handl   Logger Operations